Peru - El Guayacan - French Roast

Peru - El Guayacan - French Roast

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Over the years we have had a lot of folks asking for a darker roasted coffee. The idea of this has always intrigued us but also concerned us. 

Here at Bloom City Coffee Company, it is a passion of ours to never over roast coffee. Often over roasted coffee is confused as a dark roast, while in reality the coffee is actually being burned and flavors notes are being lost in the process.

Traditionally, a French Roast falls into this dark roasted category. We've developed a process to execute a french roast without sacrificing it’s natural flavors. We hope you enjoy this amazing coffee!!

We're Tasting: Creme brûlée, Caramelized sugar, Almond and Milk chocolate. 


Thomas W. 

Bloom City Coffee Co.